Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Goals

After you've had three kids, you body just doesn't look like it used to... at all! So I want to get back in shape. Not only to look good again (though that is a big one for me), but to be healthy (an even bigger deal to me). I know that with as busy as I am, I am just going to need motivation to do it. So here is a list of my goals and rewards for my fitness (all of this will be tracked in my journal).

Goal 1: Lose 10 pounds. Be able to walk/jog 2 miles without stopping. Reward: $10 in my clothing allowance for new clothes when I lose all of this weight.

Goal 2: Lose 10 more pounds. Be able to jog 2.75 miles without stopping. Reward: $20 in my clothing allowance for new clothes.

Goal 3: Lose 10 more pounds. Run/jog a 5k! Reward: New shoes!

Goal 4: Lose 10 more pounds. Reward: $20 in my clothing allowance!

Goal 5: Lose 10 more pounds. Reward: $20 in my clothing allowance and spray tan package!

Goal 6: Lose 10 more pounds. Reward: $100 in new clothes!

Goal 7: Lose 10 more pounds.Reward: New family pictures. I really don't like having my picture taken now that I am a bigger girl!

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