Monday, April 16, 2012

I Hate To Clean

I Hate To Clean

FACT:  I don’t like to clean. Hate, no despise it! So what was I thinking when I married a military man?  It has been forced into their head to keep their living quarters clean at all times! That’s not something that changed when the get out either. So here is a look at our perfect worlds…

My World: When David walks in the door, the house is clean and the kids are dressed. The smell of meatloaf comes from the kitchen. The maid leaves.

His World: When he comes home, the house is clean and the kids are dressed and clean. The smell of meatloaf comes from the kitchen. I come prancing around the corner in a very June Cleaver way to greet him.

But in reality: David calls to say he is on his way home, but I am too busy screaming at the kids to not color on the walls to even hear him. He walks in as I am running to try to clear a path from the remains of what earlier in the day was our living room (but it was destroyed when the toy tornados hit). He asks if I got the dishes done like he asked. I grin my cutest grin trying to be cute so he won’t be mad that I didn’t get the chance. But how cute are you really when you are wearing sweats, your hair is a mess because you didn’t have time to shower, forget about makeup what about that giant smear of baby food on your cheek and oh man what is that smell? Oh its baby spit up! Yeah, not very cute at all.

I hate and love our reality at the same time. I love being with my kids and playing with them all day. I hate a messy house. I hate looking a mess and I hate smelling it even more. Today I am going to begin to change my sloppy ways. Starting with the house.

I have created a cleaning schedule and laminated it. I have put it in my house hold notebook (which is a major work in progress). I am going to start with it. I am also going to start FLYing with the Fly Lady. She is brilliant and I think it is an easy way to make my hubby happy!

Who wants to start this challenge with me? What ways are you cleaning up your act? How is your hubby or wifie or SO responding?

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