Saturday, April 28, 2012

FlyLady Day 12

Now I am really getting the hang on this! I am so happy not having to freak out when someone calls and says that they are out our way and want to stop by. Before, I would have had a panic attack (actually happened). Now it takes 15 minutes for my house to be company ready with the exception of the toy room. But the way I see it is... We have kids. Kids make messes. If that is a problem for you, get out of my house and don't let the doorknob hit ya!

I was a bit reluctant to get dressed every morning, especially make up and hair. I mean it seems a bit silly to get dressed up for my kids, right? No, they seem to listen better when we are ALL dressed and ready to go at a moments notice. Which is excellent to be ready to go first thing in the morning because to be honest, before this challenge it would take us at least 45 minutes to get ready and that was certainly nothing fancy. we would be lucky if the kids clothes matched and I remembered that I was in PJ's. It is so much more relaxing. I feel better about myself. Grant it, I don't do my hair and make up everyday, but just getting dressed feels nice!

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